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Comparison of electrode impedance measures between a dexamethasone-eluting and standard Cochlear (TM) Contour Advance (R) electrode in adult cochlear implant recipients

Robert Briggs, Stephen O'Leary, Catherine Birman, Kerrie Plant, Ruth English, Pamela Dawson, Frank Risi, Jason Gavrilis, Karina Needham, Robert Cowan



OBJECTIVE: To compare the difference in electrode impedance across discrete time points to 24 months post-activation for two groups of adult cochlear implant recipients, one using an investigational perimodiolar (Contour Advance®) array augmented with 40% concentration weight per weight (w/w) dexamethasone (the Drug Eluting Electrode, 'DEE' Group), and the other the commercially available Contour Advance ('Control' Group). DESIGN: Ten adult subjects were implanted with the DEE and fourteen with the Control. Electrode impedances were measured intra-operatively, one-week post-surgery, at initial activation (approximately two-weeks post-surgery), and at approximately one, three, six, 12 and 24 ..

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