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A within-coil optical prospective motion-correction system for brain imaging at 7T

Phillip DiGiacomo, Julian Maclaren, Murat Aksoy, Elizabeth Tong, Mackenzie Carlson, Bryan Lanzman, Syed Hashmi, Ronald Watkins, Jarrett Rosenberg, Brian Burns, Timothy W Skloss, Dan Rettmann, Brian Rutt, Roland Bammer, Michael Zeineh

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine | WILEY | Published : 2020


PURPOSE: Motion artifact limits the clinical translation of high-field MR. We present an optical prospective motion correction system for 7 Tesla MRI using a custom-built, within-coil camera to track an optical marker mounted on a subject. METHODS: The camera was constructed to fit between the transmit-receive coils with direct line of sight to a forehead-mounted marker, improving upon prior mouthpiece work at 7 Tesla MRI. We validated the system by acquiring a 3D-IR-FSPGR on a phantom with deliberate motion applied. The same 3D-IR-FSPGR and a 2D gradient echo were then acquired on 7 volunteers, with/without deliberate motion and with/without motion correction. Three neuroradiologists blindl..

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