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GeneMates: an R package for Detecting Horizontal Gene Co-transfer between Bacteria Using Gene-gene Associations Controlled for Population Structure

Yu Wan, Ryan Wick, Justin Zobel, Danielle Ingle, Michael Inouye, Kathryn Holt

Published : 2020


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in bacteria has been a global threat to public health for decades. A well-known driving force for the emergence, evolution and dissemination of genetic AMR determinants in bacterial populations is horizontal gene transfer, which is frequently mediated by mobile genetic elements (MGEs). Some MGEs can capture, maintain, and rearrange multiple AMR genes in a donor bacterium before moving them into recipients, giving rise to a phenomenon called horizontal gene co-transfer (HGcoT). This physical linkage or co-localisation between mobile AMR genes is of particular concern because it facilitates rapid dissemination of multidrug resistance within and across bacterial p..

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