Conference Proceedings

Large-scale Socio-demographic Pattern Discovery on Microblog Metadata

Marc Cheong, Sid Ray, David Green, A Abraham (ed.), A Zomaya (ed.), S Ventura (ed.), R Yager (ed.), V Snasel (ed.), AK Muda (ed.), P Samuel (ed.)

2012 12th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications (ISDA) | IEEE | Published : 2012


Microblogging services, such as Twitter, generate huge volumes of data reflecting the current zeitgeist. As such they are of enormous potential value to studies ranging from data mining to social anthropology. To realize the potential, this study investigates improvements of algorithms specifically tailored for the discovery of latent socio-demographic patterns in Twitter metadata. These newly improved hybrid algorithms improve on existing ones in terms of speed and scalability (from thousands of records to millions). Testing on a real-world Twitter data set (∼7.4 million messages) reveals emergent patterns in global day-to-day Twitter activity. The results demonstrate novel insight when app..

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