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Performance of a 3D printed cellular structure inspired by bone

Abdallah Ghazlan, Tuan Nguyen, Tuan Ngo, Steven Linforth, Van Tu Le

Thin-Walled Structures | Elsevier BV | Published : 2020


Biological thin-walled cellular structures have intricate arrangements that facilitate lightweight and high energy absorption. A prime example is trabecular bone, which possesses a unique thin-walled cellular structure of connected rods or plates, to minimise weight whilst meeting the loading demands from the body. For example, the femur has a closed cell structure of plates to transmit heavy loads to the ground, whereas a carpal bone has an open cell structure of connected rods. Although existing lightweight thin-walled cellular structures with controlled arrangements have been investigated extensively, such as those with re-entrant geometries, asymmetric instability due to local buckling c..

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