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AtnMat2, a nuclear-encoded maturase required for splicing of group-II introns in Arabidopsis mitochondria.

Ido Keren, Ayenachew Bezawork-Geleta, Max Kolton, Inbar Maayan, Eduard Belausov, Maggie Levy, Anahit Mett, David Gidoni, Felix Shaya, Oren Ostersetzer-Biran

RNA | Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Published : 2009


Mitochondria (mt) in plants house about 20 group-II introns, which lie within protein-coding genes required in both organellar genome expression and respiration activities. While in nonplant systems the splicing of group-II introns is mediated by proteins encoded within the introns themselves (known as "maturases"), only a single maturase ORF (matR) has retained in the mitochondrial genomes in plants; however, its putative role(s) in the splicing of organellar introns is yet to be established. Clues to other proteins are scarce, but these are likely encoded within the nucleus as there are no obvious candidates among the remaining ORFs within the mtDNA. Intriguingly, higher plants genomes con..

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