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Mitigating and Monitoring Flight Crew Fatigue on a Westward Ultra-Long-Range Flight

T Leigh Signal, Hannah M Mulrlne, Margo J van den Berg, Alexander AT Smith, Philippa H Gander, Wynand Serfontein

Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine | AEROSPACE MEDICAL ASSOC | Published : 2014


BACKGROUND: This study examined the uptake and effectiveness of fatigue mitigation guidance material including sleep recommendations for a trip with a westward ultra-long-range flight and return long-range flight. METHODS: There were 52 flight crew (4-pilot crews, mean age 55 yr) who completed a sleep/duty diary and wore an actigraph prior to, during, and after the trip. Primary crew flew the takeoff and landing, while relief crew flew the aircraft during the Primary crew's breaks. At key times in flight, crewmembers rated their fatigue (Samn-Perelli fatigue scale) and sleepiness (Karolinska Sleepiness Scale) and completed a 5-min Psychomotor Vigilance Task. RESULTS: Napping was common prior..

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