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A Multi-Center Comparison of O2peak Trainability Between Interval Training and Moderate Intensity Continuous Training.

Camilla J Williams, Brendon J Gurd, Jacob T Bonafiglia, Sarah Voisin, Zhixiu Li, Nicholas Harvey, Ilaria Croci, Jenna L Taylor, Trishan Gajanand, Joyce S Ramos, Robert G Fassett, Jonathan P Little, Monique E Francois, Christopher M Hearon, Satyam Sarma, Sylvan LJE Janssen, Emeline M Van Craenenbroeck, Paul Beckers, Véronique A Cornelissen, Nele Pattyn Show all

Frontiers in Physiology | Published : 2019


There is heterogeneity in the observed O2peak response to similar exercise training, and different exercise approaches produce variable degrees of exercise response (trainability). The aim of this study was to combine data from different laboratories to compare O2peak trainability between various volumes of interval training and Moderate Intensity Continuous Training (MICT). For interval training, volumes were classified by the duration of total interval time. High-volume High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) included studies that had participants complete more than 15 min of high intensity efforts per session. Low-volume HIIT/Sprint Interval Training (SIT) included studies using less than..

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