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Patterns of drinking in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as self-reported on the Grog Survey App: a stratified sample.

KS Kylie Lee, James H Conigrave, Scott Wilson, Jimmy Perry, Noel Hayman, Catherine Zheng, Mustafa Al Ansari, Michael Doyle, Robin Room, Sarah Callinan, Tanya Chikritzhs, Tim Slade, Katherine M Conigrave

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making | Springer Science and Business Media LLC | Published : 2019


BACKGROUND: The Grog Survey App is a visual and interactive tablet computer-based survey application. It has been shown to be an accurate and acceptable tool to help Indigenous Australians describe what they drink. METHODS: The Grog Survey App was used to enquire into patterns of drinking in a stratified sample of Indigenous Australians in urban and remote/regional sites during testing of the App. The App asked about the last four drinking occasions in the past 12 months, including preferred alcohol types and containers; and symptoms of alcohol dependence, based on ICD-11 descriptions. Drinking patterns are presented here using medians and interquartile ranges, and the thresholds set out by ..

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