Journal article

Who or what do young adults hold responsible for men's drunken violence?

Sarah MacLean, Jakob Demant, Robin Room

International Journal of Drug Policy | Elsevier BV | Published : 2020


BACKGROUND: Men are more likely than women to perpetrate serious violence when they have consumed alcohol, but alcohol does not affect all men in the same way. This paper considers young adults' attribution about agency (the capacity to act) in men's drunken violence. METHODS: Interviews about alcohol use in night-time venues, streets or private parties were conducted with 60 young adults aged 18-24 in Melbourne, Australia, and analysed thematically. Participants included seven men who identified as having initiated violence when drunk. RESULTS: Some interviewees stated that men chose to be violent, or that men's violence when they were drunk was purposeful and therefore involved some compon..

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