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Hydrological Modeling of Climate Change Impacts

Kirsti Hakala, Nans Addor, Claudia Teutschbein, Marc Vis, Hamouda Dakhlaoui, Jan Seibert

Encyclopedia of Water: Science, Technology, and Society | Wiley-Blackwell an imprint of John Wiley and Sons Ltd | Published : 2019


Hydrological climate change impact modeling is a commonly used approach to quantify potential future changes in streamflow. In this article, we present an introduction to the main steps involved in the production of such streamflow projections. We review commonly used modeling approaches to quantify climate change impacts on water resources, describe the main sources of uncertainty in hydrological projections and how to characterize them, and discuss best practices. The supplementary material includes a guide to perform typical data processing tasks involved in the production of hydrological projections. We also provide material to support teaching activities related to hydrological climate ..

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