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Assessments of in situ and remotely sensed CO2 observations in a Carbon Cycle Fossil Fuel Data Assimilation System to estimate fossil fuel emissions

Marko Scholze, Thomas Kaminski, Peter Rayner, Michael Vossbeck, Michael Buchwitz, Maximilian Reuter, Wolfgang Knorr, Hans Chen, Anna Agusti-Panareda, Armin Löscher, Yasjka Mejer

Copernicus GmbH


<p>The Paris Agreement establishes a transparency framework that builds upon inventory-based national greenhouse gas emission reports, complemented by independent emission estimates derived from atmospheric measurements through inverse modelling. The capability of such a Monitoring and Verification Support (MVS) capacity to constrain fossil fuel emissions to a sufficient extent has not yet been assessed. The CO<sub>2</sub> Monitoring Mission, planned as a constellation of satellites measuring column-integrated atmospheric CO<sub>2</sub> concentration (XCO2), is expected to become a key component of a..

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