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Pathogenesis and tissue tropism of natural field recombinants of infectious laryngotracheitis virus

Dulari S Thilakarathne, Amir H Noormohammadi, Glenn F Browning, Jose A Quinteros, Gregory J Underwood, Carol A Hartley, Mauricio Jc Coppo, Joanne M Devlin, Andres Diaz-Mendez



Infectious laryngotracheitis virus (ILTV) is an economically significant respiratory pathogen of poultry. Novel recombinant strains of ILTV have emerged in Australia during the last decade and currently class 9 (CL9) and class 10 (CL10) ILTV are the most prevalent circulating strains. This study conducted a comprehensive investigation of the pathogenesis of these two viral strains. Commercial broiler and specific pathogen free (SPF) chickens were inoculated with varying doses of CL9 or CL10 ILTV and subsequently evaluated for clinical and pathological signs of infection. While no difference in the levels of acute viral replication were observed across the different challenge doses, the sever..

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