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"Balancing Expectations with Actual Realities": Conversations with Clinicians and Scientists in the First Year of a High-Risk Childhood Cancer Precision Medicine Trial.

Brittany C McGill, Claire E Wakefield, Kate Hetherington, Lachlan J Munro, Meera Warby, Loretta Lau, Vanessa Tyrrell, David S Ziegler, Tracey A O'Brien, Glenn M Marshall, David Malkin, Jordan R Hansford, Katherine M Tucker, Janine Vetsch

Journal of Personalized Medicine | Published : 2020


Precision medicine is changing cancer care and placing new demands on oncology professionals. Precision medicine trials for high-risk childhood cancer exemplify these complexities. We assessed clinicians' (n = 39) and scientists' (n = 15) experiences in the first year of the PRecISion Medicine for Children with Cancer (PRISM) trial for children and adolescents with high-risk cancers, through an in-depth semi-structured interview. We thematically analysed participants' responses regarding their professional challenges, and measured oncologists' knowledge of genetics and confidence with somatic and germline molecular test results. Both groups described positive early experiences with PRISM but..

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Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council