Journal article

Migraine headaches and fragranced consumer products: an international population-based study

A Steinemann, N Nematollahi

Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health | Springer | Published : 2020


Fragranced consumer products, such as air fresheners and cleaning supplies, have been associated with health problems including migraine headaches. This study investigates the prevalence of migraines associated with exposure to fragranced products. Nationally representative population surveys (n = 4435) across four countries—the United States (US), Australia (AU), the United Kingdom (UK), and Sweden (SE)—found that, on average, 12.6% of adults report migraine headaches when exposed to fragranced products (15.7% US, 10.0% AU, 8.4% UK, 16.1% SE). Among those individuals, 43.2% report migraines from air fresheners or deodorizers, 15.0% from the scent of laundry products coming from a dryer vent..

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