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Chemical Fingerprints of Emotional Body Odor.

Monique AM Smeets, Egge AE Rosing, Doris M Jacobs, Ewoud van Velzen, Jean H Koek, Cor Blonk, Ilse Gortemaker, Marloes B Eidhof, Benyamin Markovitch, Jasper de Groot, Gün R Semin

Metabolites | Published : 2020


Chemical communication is common among animals. In humans, the chemical basis of social communication has remained a black box, despite psychological and neural research showing distinctive physiological, behavioral, and neural consequences of body odors emitted during emotional states like fear and happiness. We used a multidisciplinary approach to examine whether molecular cues could be associated with an emotional state in the emitter. Our research revealed that the volatile molecules transmitting different emotions to perceivers also have objectively different chemical properties. Chemical analysis of underarm sweat collected from the same donors in fearful, happy, and emotionally neutra..

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