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'Capell Mstr Fasch von Zerbst': Johann Friedrich Fasch's Leipzig Visit in 1738

Janice Stockigt

Musik in Anhalt-Zerbst: Bericht über die Internationale Wissenschaftliche Konferenz am 12. und 13. April 2019 im Rahmen der 15. Internationalen Fasch-Festtage in Zerbst/Anhalt | Ortus Musikverlag | Published : 2019


Surviving records of 1738–1740 from gatekeepers to four of the entrances to Leipzig reveal those musicians who were among the many visitors during the annual fairs – the Ostermesse especially. Cantors, organists, organ builders, Hautboisten, and itinerant musicians came to Leipzig, possibly to purchase music and books, perhaps to meet with their Leipzig colleagues, or else to hear or take part in musical performances that took place during these times. On 1 May, a Thursday, 1738 it was recorded that “Pastor Voigt und Capell Mstr Fasch von Zerbst” were among those who entered Leipzig through the Hällische gate. They were to be accommodated “beÿ Mitweiden”. Although the purpose of this trip is..

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