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Decreased mean perfusion pressure as an independent predictor of acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery

Raymond Hu, Yasmean Kalam, Jeremy Broad, Tim Ho, Frank Parker, Matthew Lee, Rinaldo Bellomo

Heart and Vessels: an international journal | SPRINGER | Published : 2020


Acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery (AKICS) is common. Previous studies examining the role that mean arterial pressure (MAP) during cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) may have on AKICS have not taken into account how baseline central venous pressure (CVP) and mean perfusion pressure (MPP) (i.e. MAP - CVP) can influence its evolution. To assess whether the change in MPP to the kidneys (i.e. delta MPP or DMPP) during CPB compared to baseline is an independent predictor of AKICS. After ethical approval, a retrospective observational study was performed on all patients undergoing CPB between October 2013 and June 2015 at a university-affiliated hospital. Known risk factors for the development of..

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