Conference Proceedings

Expected density of cooperative bacteria in a 2D quorum sensing based molecular communication system

Y Fang, A Noel, AW Eckford, N Yang

2019 IEEE Global Communications Conference, GLOBECOM 2019 - Proceedings | Published : 2019


The exchange of small molecular signals within microbial populations is generally referred to as quorum sensing (QS). QS is ubiquitous in nature and enables microorganisms to respond to fluctuations in living environments by working together. In this study, a QS- based molecular communication system within a microbial population in a two-dimensional (2D) environment is analytically modeled. Microorganisms are randomly distributed on a 2D circle where each one releases molecules at random times. The number of molecules observed at each randomly-distributed bacterium is first derived by characterizing the diffusion and degradation of molecules within the population. Using the derived result an..

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