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Cortical morphology at birth reflects spatio-temporal patterns of gene expression in the fetal human brain

G Ball, J Seidlitz, J O’Muircheartaigh, R Dimitrova, D Fenchel, A Makropoulos, D Christiaens, A Schuh, J Passerat-Palmbach, J Hutter, L Cordero-Grande, E Hughes, A Price, JV Hajnal, D Rueckert, EC Robinson, AD Edwards

Published : 2020


Interruption to gestation through preterm birth can significantly impact cortical development and have long-lasting adverse effects on neurodevelopmental outcome. We compared cortical morphology captured by high-resolution, multimodal MRI in n=292 healthy newborn infants (mean age at birth=39.9 weeks) with regional patterns of gene expression in the fetal cortex across gestation (n=156 samples from 16 brains, aged 12 to 37 post-conceptional weeks). We tested the hypothesis that noninvasive measures of cortical structure at birth mirror areal differences in cortical gene expression across gestation, and in a cohort of n=64 preterm infants (mean age at birth = 32.0 weeks), we tested whether co..

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