Journal article

Common Genetic Variants and Risk of Brain Injury After Preterm Birth

James P Boardman, Andrew Walley, Gareth Ball, Petros Takousis, Michelle L Krishnan, Laurelle Hughes-Carre, Paul Aljabar, Ahmed Serag, Caroline King, Nazakat Merchant, Latha Srinivasan, Philippe Froguel, Jo Hajnal, Daniel Rueckert, Serena Counsell, A David Edwards



BACKGROUND: The role of heritable factors in determining the common neurologic deficits seen after preterm birth is unknown, but the characteristic phenotype of neurocognitive, neuroanatomical, and growth abnormalities allows principled selection of candidate genes to test the hypothesis that common genetic variation modulates the risk for brain injury. METHODS: We collected an MRI-linked genomic DNA library from 83 preterm infants and genotyped tag single nucleotide polymorphisms in 13 relevant candidate genes. We used tract-based spatial statistics and deformation-based morphometry to examine the risks conferred by carriage of particular alleles at tag single nucleotide polymorphisms in a ..

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