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Parcellation of the cortex using Surface-based Melbourne Children's Regional Infant Brain atlases (M-CRIB-S)

Chris Adamson, Bonnie Alexander, Gareth Ball, Richard Beare, Jeanie LY Cheong, Alicia Spittle, Lex Doyle, Peter Anderson, Marc Seal, Deanne Thompson

Published : 2019


Background Longitudinal studies of cortical morphology are best facilitated by parcellation schemes that are compatible across all life stages. Until recently, neonatal atlases derived strictly from neonatal data, rather than warping brain labels from an adult atlas, did not exist. The Melbourne Children’s Regional Infant Brain (M-CRIB) and M-CRIB 2.0 atlases now provide voxel-based parcellations of the cerebral cortex within T 2 -weighted neonatal images. These atlases are compatible with the Desikan-Killiany (DK) and the Desikan-Killiany-Tourville (DKT) cortical labelling schemes commonly used for older children and adults. However, there is still a need for a surface-based approach for pa..

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