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Fairest constant sum-rate transmission for cooperative data exchange: An M-convex minimization approach

N Ding, RA Kennedy, P Sadeghi

2015 22nd International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT) | IEEE | Published : 2015


We consider the fairness in cooperative data exchange (CDE) problem among a set of wireless clients. In this system, each client initially obtains a subset of the packets. They exchange packets in order to reconstruct the entire packet set. We study the problem of how to find a transmission strategy that distributes the communication load most evenly in all strategies that have the same sum-rate (the total number of transmissions) and achieve universal recovery (the situation when all clients recover the packet set). We formulate this problem by a discrete minimization problem and prove its M-convexity. We show that our results can also be proved by the submodularity of the feasible region s..

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