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A faster algorithm for asymptotic communication for omniscience

N Ding, C Chan, Q Zhou, RA Kennedy, P Sadeghi

2016 IEEE Globecom Workshops, GC Wkshps 2016 - Proceedings | IEEE | Published : 2016


We propose a modified decomposition algorithm (MDA) to solve communication for omniscience (CO) problem in asymptotic model where the transmission rates could be real or fractional. It starts with a lower estimation of the minimum sum-rate and iteratively updates it by the optimizer of a Dilworth truncation problem until the minimum is reached with a corresponding optimal rate vector. We propose a fusion method for solving the Dilworth truncation problem, where the minimization is done over a fused user set. We show that the fusion method contributes to a significant reduction in the computation complexity. We also discuss how to utilize the results returned by the MDA algorithm to solve the..

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