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A role for neurokinin 1 receptor expressing neurons in the paratrigeminal nucleus in bradykinin-evoked cough in guinea-pigs

Alexandria K Driessen, Alice E McGovern, Robert Behrens, Aung Aung Kywe Moe, Michael J Farrell, Stuart B Mazzone



KEY POINTS: Airway projecting sensory neurons arising from the jugular vagal ganglia terminate centrally in the brainstem paratrigeminal nucleus, synapsing upon neurons expressing the neurokinin 1 receptor. This study aimed to assess the involvement of paratrigeminal neurokinin 1 receptor neurons in the regulation of cough, breathing and airway defensive responses. Lesioning neurokinin 1 receptor expressing paratrigeminal neurons significantly reduced cough evoked by inhaled bradykinin but not inhaled ATP or tracheal mechanical stimulation. The reduction in bradykinin-evoked cough was not accompanied by changes in baseline or evoked respiratory variables (e.g. frequency, volume or timing), a..

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