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If Bystander Effects for Apoptosis Occur in Spleen after Low-Dose Irradiation In Vivo then the Magnitude of the Effect Falls within the Range of Normal Homeostatic Apoptosis

Alexander H Staudacher, Benjamin J Blyth, Mark D Lawrence, Rebecca J Ormsby, Eva Bezak, Pamela J Sykes



To test whether bystander effects occur in vivo after low doses of radiation relevant to occupational and population exposure, we exposed mice to whole-body X-radiation doses (0.01 and 1 mGy) where only a proportion of cells would receive an electron track. We used a precise method to analyze the apoptosis frequency in situ in spleen tissue sections at 7 h and 1, 3 and 7 days after irradiation to determine whether an increase in apoptosis above that predicted by direct effects was observed. No significant changes in the apoptosis frequency at any time after low-dose irradiation were detected. Apoptosis was induced above endogenous levels by five- to sevenfold 7 h after 1000 mGy. Using these ..

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Awarded by Biological and Environmental Research (BER), U.S. Department of Energy

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Treatment Managers Kar Aun Giam and Nasir Ahmadi at the Royal Adelaide Hospital Radiotherapy Facility (RAHRF) for their assistance in irradiating mice. We thank Ami-Louise Cochrane for mouse genotyping and assistance with animal handling and Carly Moores for assisting with animal dissection. This research was funded by the Low Dose Radiation Research Program, Biological and Environmental Research (BER), U.S. Department of Energy, grant DE-FG02-05ER64104.