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Potential screening assays for individual radiation sensitivity and susceptibility and their current validation state

Maria Gomolka, Benjamin Blyth, Michel Bourguignon, Christophe Badie, Annette Schmitz, Christopher Talbot, Christoph Hoeschen, Sisko Salomaa

International Journal of Radiation Biology | TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD | Published : 2019


Purpose: The workshop on 'Individual Radiosensitivity and Radiosusceptibility' organized by MELODI and CONCERT on Malta in 2018, evaluated the current state of assays to identify sensitive and susceptible subgroups. The authors provide an overview on potential screening assays detecting individuals showing moderate to severe early and late radiation reactions or are at increased risk to develop cancer upon radiation exposure.Conclusion: It is necessary to separate clearly between tissue reactions and stochastic effects such as cancer when comparing the existing literature to validate various test systems. Requirements for the assays are set up. The literature is reviewed for assays that are ..

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