Journal article

Normative Values for Near and Distance Clinical Tests of Stereoacuity.

Marianne EF Piano, Laurence P Tidbury, Anna R O'Connor

Strabismus | Published : 2016


PURPOSE: Extensive literature exists on normative stereoacuity values for younger children, but there is less information about normative stereoacuity in older children/adults. Individual stereotests cannot be used interchangeably-knowing the upper limit of normality for each test is important. This report details normative stereoacuity values for 5 near/distance stereotests drawn from a large sample of participants aged 16-40 years, across 3 studies. METHODS: Participants (n=206, mean age 22.18±5.31 years) were administered the following stereotests: TNO, Preschool Randot, Frisby, Distance Randot, and Frisby-Davis 2. Medians and upper limits were calculated for each test. RESULTS: Upper lim..

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