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Perceived Visual Distortions in Juvenile Amblyopes During/Following Routine Amblyopia Treatment.

Marianne EF Piano, Peter J Bex, Anita J Simmers

Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science | Published : 2016


PURPOSE: To establish the point prevalence of perceived visual distortions (PVDs) in amblyopic children; the association between severity of PVDs and clinical parameters of amblyopia; and the relationship between PVDs and amblyopia treatment outcomes. METHODS: Perceived visual distortions were measured using a 16-point dichoptic alignment paradigm in 148 visually normal children (aged, 9.18 ± 2.51 years), and 82 amblyopic children (aged, 6.33 ± 1.48 years) receiving or following amblyopia treatment. Global distortion (GD; vector sum of mean-centered individual alignment error between physical and perceived target location) and Global uncertainty (GU; SD of GD over two experiment runs) were c..

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