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Perceptual Visual Distortions in Adult Amblyopia and Their Relationship to Clinical Features.

Marianne EF Piano, Peter J Bex, Anita J Simmers

Investigative ophthalmology & visual science | Published : 2015


PURPOSE: Develop a paradigm to map binocular perceptual visual distortions in adult amblyopes and visually normal controls, measure their stability over time, and determine the relationship between strength of binocular single vision and distortion magnitude. METHODS: Perceptual visual distortions were measured in 24 strabismic, anisometropic, or microtropic amblyopes (interocular acuity difference ≥ 0.200 logMAR or history of amblyopia treatment) and 10 controls (mean age 27.13 ± 10.20 years). The task was mouse-based target alignment on a stereoscopic liquid crystal display monitor, measured binocularly five times during viewing dichoptically through active shutter glasses, amblyopic eye v..

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