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The effect of degrading binocular single vision on fine visuomotor skill task performance.

Marianne EF Piano, Anna R O'Connor

Investigative ophthalmology & visual science | Published : 2013


PURPOSE: To evaluate the impact of degrading binocular single vision (BSV) on performance of fine visuomotor skill tasks requiring speed/accuracy. METHODS: Binocular functions (Frisby/Preschool Randot [PSR] stereoacuity, horizontal phasic prism fusion amplitudes) were measured in visually normal participants aged 18 to 40 years (n = 80). Participants performed 2-timed visuomotor tasks: water pouring (450 mL accurately into five measuring cylinders at 90 mL) and bead threading on upright needles (30 large, 22 small beads, creating two difficulty levels). Task and binocular function measures were repeated in a randomized order with monocular visual acuity (VA) reduced in three-line increments ..

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