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Crowdsourcing sensitive data using public displays-opportunities, challenges, and considerations

Andy Alorwu, Niels van Berkel, Jorge Goncalves, Jonas Oppenlaender, Miguel Bordallo Lopez, Mahalakshmy Seetharaman, Simo Hosio

Personal and Ubiquitous Computing | Springer | Published : 2020


Interactive public displays are versatile two-way interfaces between the digital world and passersby. They can convey information and harvest purposeful data from their users. Surprisingly little work has exploited public displays for collecting tagged data that might be useful beyond a single application. In this work, we set to fill this gap and present two studies: (1) a field study where we investigated collecting biometrically tagged video-selfies using public kiosk-sized screens, and (2) an online narrative transportation study that further elicited rich qualitative insights on key emerging aspects from the first study. In the first study, a 61-day deployment resulted in 199 video-self..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Open access funding provided by University of Oulu including Oulu University Hospital. Part of the work was carried out with the support of Biocenter Oulu institute, the ICON spearhead project, and the GenZ profiling theme, funded by the Academy of Finland, both at the University of Oulu.