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Nanoscale magnetic imaging enabled by nitrogen vacancy centres in nanodiamonds labelled by iron-oxide nanoparticles

Martina Barbiero, Stefania Castelletto, Qiming Zhang, Ye Chen, Mirren Charnley, Sarah Russell, Min Gu

Nanoscale | ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY | Published : 2020


Nanodiamonds containing the nitrogen vacancy centre (NV) have a significant role in biosensing, bioimaging, drug delivery, and as biomarkers in fluorescence imaging, due to their photo-stability and biocompatibility. The optical read out of the NV unpaired electron spin has been used in diamond magnetometry to image living cells and magnetically labelled cells. Diamond magnetometry is mostly based on the use of bulk diamond with a large concentration of NV centres in a wide field fluorescence microscope equipped with microwave excitation. It is possible to correlate the fluorescence maps with the magnetic field maps of magnetically labelled cells with diffraction limit resolution. Nanodiamon..

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