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Gene regulation underpinning increased thermal tolerance in a laboratory-evolved coral photosymbiont

Leela J Chakravarti, Patrick Buerger, Rachel A Levin, Madeleine JH van Oppen

MOLECULAR ECOLOGY | WILEY | Published : 2020


Small increases in ocean temperature can disrupt the obligate symbiosis between corals and dinoflagellate microalgae, resulting in coral bleaching. Little is known about the genes that drive the physiological and bleaching response of algal symbionts to elevated temperature. Moreover, many studies to-date have compared highly divergent strains, making it challenging to accredit specific genes to contrasting traits. Here, we compare transcriptional responses at ambient (27°C) and bleaching-relevant (31°C) temperatures in a monoclonal, wild-type (WT) strain of Symbiodiniaceae to those of a selected-strain (SS), derived from the same monoclonal culture and experimentally evolved to elevated tem..

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