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Concussion Guidelines in National and International Professional and Elite Sports

Gavin A Davis, Michael Makdissi, Paul Bloomfield, Patrick Clifton, Charlotte Cowie, Ruben Echemendia, Eanna C Falvey, Gordon Ward Fuller, Gary Alan Green, Peter Harcourt, Jerry Hill, Kevin Leahy, Mike P Loosemore, Paul McCrory, Adrian McGoldrick, Willem Meeuwisse, Kevin Moran, Shinji Nagahiro, John W Orchard, Jennifer Pugh Show all



The Berlin statement on sport-related concussion was published in 2017 using evidence-based recommendations. We aimed to examine (1) the implementation of, distribution and education based on the Berlin recommendations, and the development of sport-specific protocols/guidelines among professional and elite sports, (2) the implementation of guidelines at the community level, (3) translation of guidelines into different languages, and (4) research activities. Senior medical advisers and chief medical officers from Australian Football League, All Japan Judo Federation, British Horseracing Authority, Cricket Australia, Fédération Equestre Internationale, Football Association, Gaelic Athletic Ass..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Dr Echemendia is cochair of the NHL/NHLPA Concussion Subcommittee and receives remuneration as a consultant to the NHL, Major League Soccer, and Princeton University. He is a Co-PI on grant-funded research from the NFL and Boston Children's Hospital. Dr Fuller has received travel expenses from World Rugby to attend scientific meetings. Dr Solomon is a paid consultant to the National Football League. Dr Valadka is a paid consultant to Major League Baseball. DrDavis is an honorary member of the AFL ConcussionWorkingGroup Scientific Committee and has attended meetings organized by sporting organizations including the NFL, NRL, IIHF, and FIFA; however, he has not received any payment, research funding, or other monies from these groups other than for travel costs. Dr McCrory is a coinvestigator on competitive grants relating to mild TBI funded by several governmental and other organizations. He is funded under a Fellowship awarded by the National Health & Medical Research Council of Australia and is employed at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. He has a clinical consulting practice in neurology, including medicolegal work. He has been reimbursed by the government, professional scien-tific bodies, and commercial organizations for discussing or presenting research relating to MTBI and sport-related concussion at meetings, scientific conferences, and symposiums. He does not hold any individual shares in or receive monies from any company related to concussion or brain injury assessment or technology. He acknowledges unrestricted philanthropic support from CogState Inc (2001-2016). He is the chair of the scientific committees of the International Concussion and Head Injury Research Foundation in London and the Sports Surgery Clinic in Dublin. Dr Sills is an employee of the National Football League. Dr Orchard is ChiefMedical Officer of Cricket Australia. The other authors have no personal, financial, or institutional interest in any of the drugs, materials, or devices described in this article.