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A reduced-tillering trait shows small but important yield gains in dryland wheat production

Alireza Houshmandfar, Noboru Ota, Garry J O'Leary, Bangyou Zheng, Yang Chen, Sabine Tausz-Posch, Glenn J Fitzgerald, Richard Richards, Greg J Rebetzke, Michael Tausz



Reducing the number of tillers per plant using a tiller inhibition (tin) gene has been considered as an important trait for wheat production in dryland environments. We used a spatial analysis approach with a daily time-step coupled radiation and transpiration efficiency model to simulate the impact of the reduced-tillering trait on wheat yield under different climate change scenarios across Australia's arable land. Our results show a small but consistent yield advantage of the reduced-tillering trait in the most water-limited environments both under current and likely future conditions. Our climate scenarios show that whilst elevated [CO2 ] (e[CO2 ]) alone might limit the area where the red..

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