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Erratum: Direct Particle Tracking Observation and Brownian Dynamics Simulations of a Single Nanoparticle Optically Trapped by a Plasmonic Nanoaperture (ACS Photonics (2018) 5:7 (2850-2859) DOI: 10.1021/acsphotonics.8b00176)

Z Xu, W Song, KB Crozier

ACS Photonics | The American Chemical Society | Published : 2020


We discovered an error in the video analysis code used to track the position of trapped nanoparticles. Here, we provide a corrected version of the affected figure (Figure 4) of the original paper, obtained using the corrected video analysis code. The corrected panels comprise the scatter plots of trapped particle location (Figure 4e) and position histograms (Figure 4f,g). The other panels of that figure (Figure 4a-d) are unchanged. We provide a corrected version of the Table of Contents and Abstract image, as this includes Figure 4e. In addition, we provide a corrected discussion of Figure 4f,g below. This discussion starts and ends with the sentences to be corrected and includes for conveni..

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