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Phenotypic Heterogeneity in Dementia: A Challenge for Epidemiology and Biomarker Studies.

Joanne Ryan, Peter Fransquet, Jo Wrigglesworth, Paul Lacaze

Frontiers in Public Health | Published : 2018


Dementia can result from a number of distinct diseases with differing etiology and pathophysiology. Even within the same disease, there is considerable phenotypic heterogeneity with varying symptoms and disease trajectories. Dementia diagnosis is thus very complex, time-consuming, and expensive and can only be made definitively post-mortem with histopathological confirmation. These inherent difficulties combined with the overlap of some symptoms and even neuropathological features, present a challenging problem for research in the field. This has likely hampered progress in epidemiological studies of risk factors and preventative interventions, as well as genetic and biomarker research. Reso..

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