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Brabancon Trombone Lecture Recital

Don Immel, Carla Blackwood, Konrad Olszewski

COIN/ACOFT 2003 Secretariat | Published : 2019


More than a century’s worth of music featuring the trombone sits forgotten in the Conservatoire libraries in and around Belgium; my current 3-year project will rediscover, reintroduce, and realise the premiere recordings of important historical pieces from this volume of neglected repertoire ca. 1860 - 1975. Although trombone music written for the Paris Conservatoire concours system is well researched and remains widely performed,1 this is in contrast to repertoire written for other competing music schools. Analogous to Paris, portions of curricula at music conservatoires in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Liege were also based on a concours system, at the very least for entrance into instrumen..

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