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Visual Structural Assessment and Anomaly Detection for High-Velocity Data Streams.

Punit Rathore, Dheeraj Kumar, James C Bezdek, Sutharshan Rajasegarar, Marimuthu Palaniswami

IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics | Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers | Published : 2020


The widespread use of Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies, smartphones, and social media services generates huge amounts of data streaming at high velocity. Automatic interpretation of these rapidly arriving data streams is required for the timely detection of interesting events that usually emerge in the form of clusters. This article proposes a new relative of the visual assessment of the cluster tendency (VAT) model, which produces a record of structural evolution in the data stream by building a cluster heat map of the entire processing history in the stream. The existing VAT-based algorithms for streaming data, called inc-VAT/inc-iVAT and dec-VAT/dec-iVAT, are not suitable for high-ve..

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