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Adaptive and Productive Sheep Breed for Changing Climate

Surinder S Chauhan, Minghao Zhang, Aleena Joy, Richard Osei-Amponsah, Brian J Leury, Robyn D Warner, Iain J Clarke, Frank R Dunshea

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Sheep in semi-arid environments are likely to be affected by warming environment due to climate change. To identify genotypes best suited to warmer climates we assessed thermotolerance and meat quality of 5 female sheep of each of 4 breeds (Merino, Wiltshire, Dorper, and Southdown) under simulated summer conditions. The sheep were housed in metabolic crates within climate-controlled rooms and were exposed to thermo-neutral (TN; 18–21 °C and 40–50% relative humidity) or cyclic heat stress (HS; 28–40 °C and 30–40% RH) conditions for two weeks. Physiological responses were recorded 3 times daily, and brown fat tissue temperature was measured by data loggers inserted into the brisket. Sheep were..

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