Journal article

Baloxavir treatment of ferrets infected with influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 virus reduces onward transmission

Leo Yi Yang Lee, Jie Zhou, Rebecca Frise, Daniel H Goldhill, Paulina Koszalka, Edin J Mifsud, Kaoru Baba, Takahiro Noda, Yoshinori Ando, Kenji Sato, Aoe-Ishikawa Yuki, Takao Shishido, Takeki Uehara, Steffen Wildum, Elke Zwanziger, Neil Collinson, Klaus Kuhlbusch, Barry Clinch, Aeron C Hurt, Wendy S Barclay



Influenza viruses cause seasonal outbreaks and pose a continuous pandemic threat. Although vaccines are available for influenza control, their efficacy varies each season and a vaccine for a novel pandemic virus manufactured using current technology will not be available fast enough to mitigate the effect of the first pandemic wave. Antivirals can be effective against many different influenza viruses but have not thus far been used extensively for outbreak control. Baloxavir, a recently licensed antiviral drug that targets the influenza virus endonuclease, has been shown to reduce virus shedding more effectively than oseltamivir, a widely used neuraminidase inhibitor drug. Thus it is possibl..

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