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Inference of random walk models to describe leukocyte migration.

Phoebe JM Jones, Aaron Sim, Harriet B Taylor, Laurence Bugeon, Magaret J Dallman, Bernard Pereira, Michael PH Stumpf, Juliane Liepe

Phys Biol | Published : 2015


While the majority of cells in an organism are static and remain relatively immobile in their tissue, migrating cells occur commonly during developmental processes and are crucial for a functioning immune response. The mode of migration has been described in terms of various types of random walks. To understand the details of the migratory behaviour we rely on mathematical models and their calibration to experimental data. Here we propose an approximate Bayesian inference scheme to calibrate a class of random walk models characterized by a specific, parametric particle re-orientation mechanism to observed trajectory data. We elaborate the concept of transition matrices (TMs) to detect random..

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Awarded by National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research