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Induction and function of the phage shock protein extracytoplasmic stress response in Escherichia coli.

Goran Jovanovic, Louise J Lloyd, Michael PH Stumpf, Antony J Mayhew, Martin Buck

Journal of Biological Chemistry | Published : 2006


The phage shock protein (Psp) F regulon response in Escherichia coli is thought to be induced by impaired inner membrane integrity and an associated decrease in proton motive force (pmf). Mechanisms by which the Psp system detects the stress signal and responds have so far remained undetermined. Here we demonstrate that PspA and PspG directly confront a variety of inducing stimuli by switching the cell to anaerobic respiration and fermentation and by down-regulating motility, thereby subtly adjusting and maintaining energy usage and pmf. Additionally, PspG controls iron usage. We show that the Psp-inducing protein IV secretin stress, in the absence of Psp proteins, decreases the pmf in an Ar..

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