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The choice of targets and ligands for site-specific delivery of nanomedicine to atherosclerosis

Adil Zia, Yuao Wu, Nguyen Tuan, Xiaowei Wang, Karlheinz Peter, Hang T Ta

Cardiovascular Research | OXFORD UNIV PRESS | Published : 2020


As nanotechnologies advance into clinical medicine, novel methods for applying nanomedicine to cardiovascular diseases are emerging. Extensive research has been undertaken to unlock the complex pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. However, this complexity presents challenges to develop effective imaging and therapeutic modalities for early diagnosis and acute intervention. The choice of ligand-receptor system vastly influences the effectiveness of nanomedicine. This review collates current ligand-receptor systems used in targeting functionalized nanoparticles for diagnosis and treatment of atherosclerosis. Our focus is on the binding affinity and selectivity of ligand-receptor systems, as well a..

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