Conference Proceedings

Mobile Video Production Workshop: Exploring a BYOD development framework and toolkit

T Cochrane, D Sinfield

Published : 2019


Overview The workshop will explore the unique affordances of mobile devices for enabling collaborative user-generated content and authentic learning environments. The workshop will take the form of an interactive guided exploration and discussion of an ecology of resources for mobile collaborative video production and sharing. The workshop is founded upon the facilitators’ wide experience of running similar workshops for students and academic staff (Cochrane & Sinfield, 2017, 2018; Cochrane, Sinfield, Steagall, & Tolutau, 2016; Sinfield & Cochrane, 2018; Sinfield, Cochrane, & Steagall, 2017; Steagall, Sinfield, Cochrane, & Tolutau, 2016), and is theoretically grounded upon the presenters’ Ph..

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