Conference Proceedings

Evaluating the CMALT cMOOC: An Agile and Scalable Professional Development Framework

T Cochrane, V Narayan, R Elliott (ed.)

Auckland University of Technology | Published : 2019


Introduction Traditional professional development (PD) strategies revolve around either the provision of a series of workshops or completion of a post-graduate qualification in teaching and learning. In contrast to these traditional PD approaches, we developed a connectivist MOOC (cMOOC) framework to support a global network of PD Communities of practice (COP) implemented in 2017 as the #CMALTcMOOC. This paper focuses upon the evaluation stages of the design and implementation of the CMALT cMOOC, embedded within an educational design-based research methodology. In the design and development stages the first iteration in 2017 of the cMOOC informed the redesign of the second iteration in 2018...

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