Conference Proceedings

360 Video and mobile VR workshop

M Schlessor, T Cochrane, M Berry (ed.), L Antonczak (ed.)

MINA: The Mobile Innovation Network Australasia | Published : 2016


Nowadays mobile camera phones, smartphones and pocket cameras are ubiquitous. The aim of the 360 mobile video & mobile VR workshop is to experiment with smartphones as a creative tool and to discover the capabilities of this innovative form of visual storytelling. The 360 mobile video & mobile VR workshop will be organised in the form of an unconference sessions. Participants are asked to bring along any 360 mobile video or mobile VR tools and technologies. We will explore a framework built upon a mashup of Google services that empower user-generated 360 content creation, publishing and sharing, consisting of an ecology of resources that includes: ● Google Maps ● Google Cardboard & Daydream ..

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