Conference Proceedings

Collaboration unplugged: Herding a flock of MOAs

T Cochrane, L Antonczak, M Guinibert, A Withell, D Mulrennan, P Mountfort, V Narayan, H Carter (ed.), M Gosper (ed.), J Hedberg (ed.)

Ascilite | Published : 2013


This symposium will discuss and critique five case studies in the realm of Human Sciences (Graphic Design, Communication Studies, Product Design, Journalism, Education Studies) demonstrating transformation of traditional modes of curriculum design and classroom collaboration. The case studies illustrate the introduction of mobile social media and the use of Mobile Airplay Screens (MOAs – see Figure 1). Equipped with wireless screen mirroring, MOAs can enable student collaborative projects reinventing their mobile devices from personal productivity tools into collaborative production tools (Figure 2). The projects are all predicated upon the development of a mobile social media framework for ..

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