Conference Proceedings

Heutagogy and Technology Stewardship; Theory, Practice and Mobile Social Media

F Garnett, T Cochrane, P Lowe, N Ecclesfield

Published : 2011


We are examining the theory and practice of embedding social media across HE Institutions through the activities of Technology Stewards We will have three themes to the workshop; 1) Heutagogy and institutional engagement with social media; Fred Garnett on “Three Levels of Technology Stewards” 2) The Institutional Role of the Technology Steward; Paul Lowe on extending the creative use of social media developed on his MA Photojournalism across the University of the Arts 3) Using mobile social media in institutional Communities of Practice; Thomas Cochrane on embedding Technology Stewards as Action Researchers in course teams Workshop format 1) Pecha Kucha introduction on Heutagogy & Technology..

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